Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 10 The meeting


Two more episodes to go.

Beta Project: Human B was actually active in 2017 and was very much interested in papa Kim and prof papa’s research about memories. Assistant prof made a deal with them because he’s the only one who knows how the system works and will have the full authority.

Woo jin’s lost, he’s no way to help his brother who keeps losing his memories. He thinks it’s for the better but crazy friend is against the idea and to help his brother he asks the system for help and it gives the answer: the cross. Grandma willingly gives it to him after resisting and there in it, Woo jin finds papa Kim’s research.

Human B covers up the incident about the blue bug and gets rid of all the evidence and assistant prof cooks up a story and takes Woo jin under confidence.

From where did Jung yeon come from? Is she really an alien?

New World: Even though prof papa’s has lost his mind he still tells them that Woo jin died but the system didn’t stop which mean he’s still alive.

Erro helps Joon hyuk and Jung yeon enter the building to look for Woo jin but they get cornered. Jung yeon surrenders because Joon hyuk’s life was threatened. She almost gets a chip installed when the main system stops working and she thinks something must have happened to Woo jin. On the other hand, deputy chief tells assistant prof/chairman that circulate? disappeared.

Joon hyuk and Jung yeon meet someone and Joon hyuk asks if he’s Woo jin but we didn’t get to see his face.


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