Lookout: Episodes 17-18 Class clown’s real identity


and that’s why I didn’t want anyone to know leader’s identity. Soo ji and hacker boy hate him for using them only shut-in is on his side. I’m not going to justify him but… think, just think, he helped them with their revenge. They wouldn’t have been able to do anything on their own. I just said I won’t take his side…

We all thought we knew who Do han is but do we really? Do han is not Do han but Gwon woo and Gwon woo is Do han. But I don’t recognize the name Gwon woo. Kaun ho bhai? (this is a lame pun Gwon woo and kaun ho (Urdu) has the similar pronunciation. Kaun ho means who are you?)

Ahem, Do han’s real name is Gwon woo. Handsome priest’s name is Do han and they know each other very well because they are step brothers. They share the same mother. Handsome priest is the older bro and Do han the younger.

NOTE: I’m going to call them by their names as before Do han and handsome priest or I’ll confuse myself.

Remember Do han’s father was said to be a spy but he wasn’t. He’s tortured and because of that he went crazy and killed his wife. Do han thinks the detective who tortured him is detective Nam but Do han’s father is not in his senses anymore and is stuck in the past where he’s tortured.

Prosecutor Kim who is still searching for Do han’s reason for helping Soo ji reaches his father and sees him with the handsome priest and hears their conversation. It’s beyond me how can anyone hear anything at that distance.

He’s not the only one who knows the truth, Soo ji on her own finds out that Do han’s the leader and his connection with handsome priest and their real names and lures them in her trap.

This wasn’t the only thing that’s happened. We get the hacker boy’s case. He’s told his mother committed suicide because of depression but leader told him that she’s missing. Hacker boy finds an email where she tells a lawyer that she’s being threatened by a detective nicknamed Viper because she’s going to a re-trial as a witness.

Shut-in now is a wanted suspect because she’s working with Soo ji and there are sparks flying between her and hacker boy.

Murderer school boy, chief prosecutor’s son, is using his charms on the cop’s daughter and she’s falling for him ARGHhhhhh. He’s using her! He even knows Soo ji’s keeping an eye on him.

Chief prosecutor’s road block aka witch is making sure he doesn’t land on his dream seat and because of anxiousness and fear of betrayal he cuts his ties from those who he thinks is against him. This is all Do han’s doing of course. Don’t die, please!


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