Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 9 Searching


The drama’s 10 episodes or 12? I don’t want to panic so I’m asking beforehand.

Beta Project: assistant prof hits jackpot. He’s the first one to notice the star-shaped device and it responding to Woo jin alone. He’s very much interested in it. He stays quiet when prof papa goes crazy because he doesn’t know how the system works. He kidnaps him for his later experiments and this is why the cops couldn’t find him.

Bom gyun at first recognizes prof papa as the culprit but later he starts to lose his memories and goes back on blaming bluebird for everything. He can’t have the surgery to remove the blue bug because it’s dangerous.

Woo jin and Jung yeon find the star device and it shows Woo jin’s memories. He realizes no one would ever let go of this technology. It’s a gift from Byul to younger Woo jin because he couldn’t remember his mother’s face.

Who’s this new guy prof papa’s student was talking to? He seems like a leader or something.

New World: either everyone’s lying and we are being misled or it’s the truth. Chairman says Woo jin is alive but he won’t tell where he’s until he gets Jung yeon. He’s even thinking of making human clones.

Jung yeon decides to sacrifice herself for Woo jin’s sake but Joon hyuk stops her. Erro helps them and they get the female minion who’s always with deputy chief and she takes them to a house which deputy chief frequently visits. Joon hyuk and Jung yeon are scared, if they’ll meet Woo jin or not and they meet prof papa. He’s gone crazy and old and keeps on drawing stuff. He immediately recognizes Jung yeon but his memories are stuck in the past and he doesn’t recognize Joon hyuk. Joon hyuk asks him about Woo jin and he says that assistant prof killed him.

Here again, I was thinking that prof papa will say, “you are Woo jin”. Bom gyun used to wear glasses but Joon hyuk doesn’t wear them so I keep thinking he’s Woo jin and then there’s rubik’s cube…

We still have two people missing, papa Kim and his son Woo jin.


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