Duel: Episode 6 And the plot thickens


Then that means my theory about Joon and Hoon both being clones is right? No!

Hoon the evil twin is the small boy that he saw in his memories because they both have the same marks on their body. Joon can’t be the original doc but why does he have the doc’s memories?

The original doc’s body is stored frozen somewhere. What? I need a name for the original doc. What am I supposed to call him? Why is he preserved? Who is this new female character who has him? She’s Hoon’s boss’ boss and she wants the list. I’ll confuse myself at this rate.

Hoon’s a soft side. His tone goes soft when he talks to Soo yeon. He’s not hurting her and keeping her safe so what does he want with her? Or does he want something from Deuk cheon? Yes, I know same questions as before. Hoon’s smart he knows he’s being used for the list so he burns it after memorizing it. The boss’ no choice but to keep him alive.

Joon falls in a comatose state and Mi rae helps him and Deuk cheon. Friend doc of Mi rae tells her that Joon’s organs and everything else is like an old man’s and they find out Joon’s a tracking device in his hand. That’s how the minion knew where they were. Deuk cheon lures him out to find some answers.

Mi rae never knew her father and that’s why she thought the guy in the picture’s her father but when she met Joon it’s obvious he isn’t, then who is? She’s the first to realize that Joon might be a clone.

Jo hye finally thinks about the possibility of two guys having the same face but gets stuck at the similar DNA and fingerprints.

All the answers are in the experiments conducted in 1993. What’s the purpose of it?


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