Duel: Episode 5 Nowhere near anywhere


Joon needs to take some self-defense classes. He’s being treated like a punching bag and I’m about to hit him myself because of this. He should keep a weapon by his side 24/7 if he can’t fight.

If the original guy’s killed with his organs all taken out then that means Joon and Hoon both are clones, no? But Hoon’s weird marks on his body. Experiments? Why is he keeping Joon alive? What does it mean when Hoon said that Joon will die anyways even if he isn’t the one killing him? Why did he send Joon to Deuk cheon? Why does he have So yeon? Why is he interested what Joon remembers?

I’m surprised there are more than one copies of the list. Mi rae’s one and now Hoon’s got one after killing Joo shik. The list contains the names of five people who had organ transplant. The original guy’s organs’ were transplanted in those people? Why is the list important? Who is the boss who wants the list? He’s using Hoon to get it for him.

Mi rae helps Joon and Deuk cheon because she wants answers from Joon and knows they are two guys with the same face. Joon gets some snippets of his memories and he remembers seeing Mi rae’s mother pregnant with her.

Joon knows how to stitch wounds and stuff and Mi rae is a med-school graduate, of course, they both were doctors in Doctor Kim.

Deuk cheon needs to think with his brain. I get it, his daughter’s been taken from him and he’s emotional and unstable and because of this, he makes mistakes.

Jo hye is as annoying as ever. God knows what fascination she’s with Deuk cheon. I hate her more than the evil twin Hoon.


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