SnK Season 2 -(Last) Episode 37 The truth


SnK= Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan

and the truth is Snk/AoT is coming back with the third season in 2018 but no due date has been assigned. Don’t eat me if there’s a change.

Because this is the final episode of the season, a cliffhanger was a must. Some answers are revealed and some will take the time to come to light, like the identity of the beast titan. He looks familiar to me.

The person who’s sitting on the beast titan looks like Eren’s father but with blond hair. I suddenly remember the key Eren had. Where is it now? Yup, I forgot if he gave it to someone or he lost it.

It felt like the end of the world. Titans are eating the scouts and they can’t do anything. Eren and Mikasa spot the titan which ate Eren’s mother and Hannes dies trying to avenge her. Eren who feels useless once again gathers his courage to fight. And the reason Bert and Reiner needed him is that he can control titans. With his new power, the hand full of scouts escape from the titans. Ymir helps Reiner and Bert escape from minion titans.

Mikasa thought it’s the end of everyone. They can’t be saved. She confesses her feelings to Eren midst the titans who are ready to eat them but for Eren killing the titan is the priority. Did Mikasa just got rejected?

Hanji reports her findings that the titans they fought this time are humans but there’s no proof yet and this makes Levi feel sick, it means he killed humans all this time and he is taken back by Erwin’s reaction. Erwin smiles and Levi asks the reason for smiling and he immediately gets back to his senses. Did Erwin lose his mind? Does he know something about human titans?


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