Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 23-24 He is poisoned, she is poisoned, everybody is poisoned.


It’s painful…painful…ly boring. Drama should really consider changing its name to poppy poison.

Pauper gets poisoned because Ga eun steals the pills on the order of dowager but they get taken from her and of course she’s no idea or maybe she had, spy gisaeng took them. Eunuch works for which party again?

Then, who-will-be-the-queen-candidates gets poisoned including the judges, dowager, Dae mok’s candidates and Ga eun. She took part in the competition again on the order of dowager and crushing Chun soo’s heart when he sees her. Yup, their love is doomed like the story of the drama. I’ll just wait for the next episode to find the answer: who poisoned them?

Chun soo again asks for clingy’s help to find out about the poppy pill and of course, she stays quiet and the most awaited moment happens. In trying to save his friend, pauper, Chun soo enters Dae mok’s den and bumps into clingy and he now knows she’s Dae mok’s grand-daughter and the leader of Pyunsoo. But the weird thing is he doesn’t mention it to anyone or even think about it. I mean destroying Pyunsoo wasn’t your first priority and the person you thought was your friend deceived you all along!!

In case you had no idea about dowager hating Chun soo aka the crown prince it’s because he’s a concubine’s son, of course, she would have cared for him if he’s her own, DUH!

It’s funny how Pyunsoo and Dae mok are named in the events they aren’t even a part of, like the attack on Chun soo or the puppet show. They are just being blamed because they are evil. But they make the poison that’s affecting the flow of the story so they are to be blamed.


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