Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 21-22 Way too many people plotting


What in the what is happening? We aren’t even solving the matters at hand and are getting more problems.

Anyone would have guessed Chun soo would never opt for war against Pyunsoo because he hates the sacrifice of innocent lives for his own cause. But others don’t think that way, for them sacrifices are a part of a bigger plan and success and it doesn’t even matter if it’s the prince who’s to be sacrificed.

Long ago I had a feeling dowager wasn’t a nice person but I swayed and I apologize for that. She immediately decides to dispose Chun soo the moment she realizes he’s the crown prince and pins the blame on Pyunsoo. Chun soo got lucky as Ga eun saw him and saved his life. They almost both drowned though but no one cares about that because the misunderstanding or whatever that’s between them resolves and they share a sweet kiss confirming their feelings for each other.

Before we can rejoice of the happy moments the dowager takes the next step and informs the general of the death of crown prince and he in rage leaves for the borders to get his army to destroy Pyunsoo. Luckily or not Chun soo gets the news and instead of stopping him, because he won’t, he shares the information with clingy and asks for her help. Clingy after confirming from Dae mok that he wasn’t who attacked Chun soo reveals she’s a plan to stop general by creating trouble on the border and Dae mok is proud of his grand-daughter.

On the birthday of dowager she gets a shock and so does Chun soo. She’s surprised to see Chun soo well and alive and gets a surprise visit from Dae mok himself and from behind the curtains, the head eunuch prepares a puppet show which reveals its the dowager who poisoned the prince when he’s born. Dowager couldn’t hide his expressions and Chun soo looks at her in disbelief after learning that the story is based on true events from Woo bo. Must give Dae mok the credit for reaching in the darkest and deepest desires of others and using it for his own good. Here I thought dowager was wise enough not to take help from him…

And last but not the least, there goes the friendship of the prince and the pauper because of a girl. Pauper still thinks of prince as a friend but no compromises on Ga eun. If he loves her then he should ask her about her feelings for him instead of using his authority of a (fake) king. Yup, like I have always been saying, I don’t understand love.


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