Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 8 Reunion


Beta Project: prof papa threats Woo jin with Bom gyun’s life and tells him to find the data. He uses the same tactic with Jung yeon, when she confronts him, she’s to get her memories which are the answer to the questions he’s and she can save the brothers.

All the searches, clues and hints lead to the old house of twins and there’s where Bom gyun’s being kept by prof papa and Woo jin’s the one to reach there first. He gets beaten up by prof papa’s men but when you have to protect something you use all your strength to protect it. Woo jin reaches Bom gyun and a star-shaped device attached to the ceiling automatically scans him and grants access and suddenly the electronic device/computer in the room starts itself.

How is that device still working after so many years? Kim papa put it there, right? Why is it responding to Woo jin?

New World: I knew it that’s why I wasn’t trusting anyone. I told ya! I told ya Woo jin can’t be the chairman because the chairman’s cold and calculated and Woo jin’s not. I’m just so happy it’s not Woo jin. The chairman is the minister of science, assistant professor of 2017. He went crazy when he learned about the erasing memory project but he needs Jung yeon as well so he lures her into a trap but she manages to escape.

The chairman got caught because of the painting in the picture of Woo jin. Hong detective ransacks his brain and finds the answer and notifies Joon hyuk and when he confronts the minister he admits he’s the chairman. And one more thing the chairman doesn’t have a chip installed in his head/neck or wherever it’s put. What do you have to say about that?

I was expecting the chairman to say to Joon hyuk “ you are Woo jin, you fool” when Joon hyuk asked him about his brother but he didn’t say anything. There goes my chance of saying “I knew it! I told ya!”

Where’s Woo jin and prof papa and Kim papa?


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