Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 7 Memories


Beta Project: Every new episode makes my jaw drop. Prof papa has Bom gyun because prof papa’s working on an experiment with Kim papa about erasing memories but Kim papa got rid of the data and now prof papa’s searching for it and thinks Bom gyun’s it but Bom gyun’s no idea what’s going on.

Woo jin tries frantically to solve the puzzle. He looks for his grandma, who is suffering from Alzheimer, to find the belongings of his father. She doesn’t recognize Woo jin but recognizes Jung yeon and special mention should be given to the cross grandma’s wearing. The USB or data is most probably in it or there shouldn’t be any reason to show it so clearly.

Woo jin finds through Jung yeon the video files on prof papa of Bom gyun and he immediately takes them and things don’t always go as we plan. He calls a detective and he’s working for prof papa and prof papa asks Woo jin to help him because he too thought memory loss is the best treatment. He promises to give back Bom gyun and I don’t believe him. The blue bug is made by the assistant prof and papa prof was using it to get information.

New World: Joon hyuk isn’t willing to believe Woo jin is the chairman and Jung yeon tells him that happened because of him. Woo jin found him but he’d no memories and was living a happy life so Woo jin thought it’s better to be this way than to have painful memories.

This just breaks Joon hyuk’s heart because he’s been looking for his brother and he might not even remember him. Jung yeon’s going through a similar phase. She’s been looking for Woo jin because he promised her that he would come back and gave her a pendant. The pendant is useless, right? I mean it doesn’t have any data or information, right?

Erro who has been so against of recovering memories thinks it’s better to have memories even the painful ones so you can remember the sins you have committed instead of forgetting about them and leading a peaceful life.

All of a sudden many people want to meet the chairman. There’s the mayor and then there’s Joon hyuk. Someone places a cellphone, old style 2016-7 version, beside Joon hyuk’s solved rubik’s cube with a message, to meet, and it’s the picture of Woo jin and Bom gyun.

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