Duel: Episode 4 Raw emotions


It actually feels like it’s happening for real. The acting, feelings, feels, emotions make me think twice that I’m watching a drama. I think it’s too late because I’m invested in the story and can’t get out.

And we got the names of our not twins Lee Sung joon is the good twin and Lee Sung hoon the evil twin. If they are not twins then why the similar names? It’s only to confuse me, right? I just hope I don’t mix up their names. Not only their face match but their fingerprints too and that’s how Joon is blamed for the killing Hoon does. Convenient, no? But why has Hoon thrown out Joon? Why is he evil? What does he want? Oh yeah, the medical record but we still don’t know WHY? And why does he have Soo yeon? Why make Joon and Deuk cheon meet?

In all these questions and much more, we find an answer on Choi Joo shik. The name’s on the medical record and Mi rae tries to find him but he’s already dead and his younger brother, Choi Joo ho, is alive and when she tells him who her mother’s he’s more than interested in her. She finds a picture of Joon/Hoon in a medical gown in the medical documents and matches the picture with the face when she sees him. She’s a senior who is always with her and it’s obvious he’s a crush on her but she’s oblivious.

Our duo Joon and Deuk Cheon find the same information but they are a step ahead and find out Joo ho is Joo shik thanks to Joon’s broken memories. And everyone visits him including the prosecutor Jo hye but she’s a step too late again. Mi rae is locked by Joo shik because he’s seen a very familiar face, Joon. He asks him how he’s alive when he’s supposed to be dead and the one who killed him is Joo shik and why hasn’t he aged DUN! DUN! DUN! DUN!! the one who got “killed” was Hoon. He’s the scar on his chest.

Okay, so the twins share the same memories? Who is the clone? Usually, the evil ones are the clones but it appears here the good guy is the clone. 


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