Duel: Episode 3 More questions than answers


So the twins are not twins or brothers says the evil twin and because no mention is being made of the clone imma call them good twin and evil twin because we don’t even have their names yet.

Evil twin is searching for some list and the said list is with our new character a reporter named Mi rae (Seo Eun su and yup she’s in Romantic Doctor Kim as well and had a crush on Yoo Yeon seok’s character Dong Joo). The list is a medical record and it belongs to her mother and she recently died and for some reason, Mi rae is looking into her mother’s past.

Good twin backtrack his memories with Deuk cheon to find Soo yeon and they reach an organ trafficker who sells children’s organs but Soo yeon is not there but he’s getting some snippets of memories but it’s not coherent enough to make a full picture. One name keeps appearing Choi joo shik. Who is he and how is he related?

Prosecutor Jo hye makes sure the-cop-helping-the-criminal case stays quiet but she’s keeping an eye on Deuk cheon’s every move via his colleagues. Why is she so fixated on him?

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