Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 19-20 The prince and the pauper and the crossroad


It’s pretty obvious once pauper gets the power he’ll try everything to get the girl he likes. He’s only hesitating because he’s a lower rank, now that he’s a king though a puppet but love be blind. He’s willing to join hands with the dowager to go against Pyunsoo so he can have Ga eun. He even knows Chun soo likes her but he won’t back down. On the other hand, Dae mok threatens him with his family. Will he choose family or love or friendship?

Chun soo was trying to protect Ga eun by pretending he doesn’t know her and now she pretends he’s nothing to her because she’s a mission and that’s to overthrow the king. Love be hassle when you have important work to do. But if he opens his heart to clingy then no one’s to blame but Ga eun herself. She could have told Chun soo her plan but we have way too many episodes to fill, so…

Okay, the gisaeng’s a spy to the head eunuch and she calls him father. She’s definitely adopted or he’s not a eunuch. She even works in the palace and meets Ga eun accidentally. Head eunuch knows the king is fake and knows the real prince is alive but he’s not interested in him either or the dowager. Then, what is your plan?

Coming to our clingy who now acts as the leader of Pyunsoo. She thinks Dae mok won’t be able to see her intentions but grandpa is staying quiet and letting her play the hand so he can find the truth about the change in her heart for him. Sorry face aka clingy’s father now has to bow his head to her daughter and he isn’t thrilled about it.

It’s become a routine at least for one person to know, per episode, about the prince being alive. This time it’s the general who protects the border and is very loyal. He immediately informs the dowager but her expression’s a bit puzzling. She doesn’t believe it to be true. He then meets the prince and asks him to move the army and crush Pyunsoo but Woo bo doesn’t think it’s a smart move. Chun soo who hasn’t been able to do anything has made up his mind.


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