Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 17-18 Sacrifice for the loved ones


After spending the episode with romantic and cute moments Ga eun without giving any explanation to Chun soo enters the palace. If that’s her plan then she should have listened to what he wanted to say and should have voiced her suspicions about the gisaeng instead of staying silent.

There’s another person who made a stupid move and it’s the pauper aka the fake king. He secretly visits his family and then gets caught by Dae mok. The only good thing that comes out of this is he sees Sun the real crown prince. Is this a good thing or bad? I mean he dreams to be a king who cares about his people and wants Ga eun by his side but if the real prince takes the throne he’ll lose everything.

Maybe I should start liking clingy or should her give some praise. She’s, after all, hiding the prince’s identity from Dae mok but she’s doing it for herself. She loves him so much that she volunteers to be the leader of Pyunsoo and in the process stomps on her father’s heart. Where does he stand in this family feud? He’s thinking to take care of the poppy fields and Chun soo is planning on striking there once his love issue gets resolved.


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