Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 9 Scared for not knowing


I won’t lie. I actually forgot to watch the episode. When you are fasting for 15 and a half hours you forget things.

Natsume’s school goes on a study camp to a mountain. I have never witnessed such camps or outings. I shouldn’t say anything bad about my school, after all, I got my high school certificate from there but…

Anyways, this episode reminded me somewhat of “the Lady of Shallot” maybe because of the river and boat and falling in love. So, once upon a time, there’s a goddess and her four followers. The goddess fell in love with a human man but after some time the man died. He’s mortal and she an immortal. The heartbroken goddess went in hiding with the hairpin the human gave her. Her followers protected her shrine as long as they could. Three of them lost their powers and left their mask and only one remained to protect the shrine.

It rains hard one day and Natsume sees the fourth mask jumping from one person’s face to another and realizes that it doesn’t mean harm but is searching for something. He sees a woman with her head down in the river and reckons her to be a yokai. It’s the goddess and she lost her hairpin. Natsume finds it and gives it back to her. He’s satisfied that there will be someone who will forever stay and protect the goddess.


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