Lookout: Episodes 11-12 Shut-in’s story


The story shifts but keeps its momentum. I knew Do han wouldn’t be waiting to get caught but Soo ji is smart and she hacks the handsome priest’s phone. She knows he’s not the leader. Do han’s definitely impressed but he thinks its not the time for them to meet yet. The trio’s even more suspicious about their leader and their hunch is right that he might be a prosecutor.

Soo ji reaches in time to help the girl Jang soo’s planning to make the next target of his and the next day Soo ji’s being praised and she even talks to her mother after a long time.

And we get a new character because I’m just that good in memorizing names and few more entries wouldn’t make a difference. She’s a white-haired lady and she’s here to put road blocks in front of chief prosecutor’s way so he can’t reach the attorney general’s seat and she takes on Soo ji’s daughter’s case. Will she make Do han’s work easier?

I’m getting not so good vibes from the school boy and the daughter of the cop is swaying in his direction. Don’t tell me he’ll use them.

Coming to the main part of the episode- leader sends three pictures and asks to find the culprit. Shut-in recognizes all three people and one of them killed her family. Shut-in had a normal family and a normal life but everything ended one day when her family’s killed and she’s the only one alive. The now chief prosecutor hushed up the case, back then, because it involved US soldiers.

Soo ji and hacker boy get worried about shut-in and decide to help her. The trio keeps an eye on the two suspects, one of them is her uncle and he gets killed and shut-in sees the killer’s face. Soo ji runs to shut-in’s place before she could do something reckless and hacker boy runs for his life because the killer saw him.

The killer is the third guy in the picture, the delivery guy, right?


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