Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 6 The chairman’s identity


Beta project: Even though Jung yeon doesn’t have memories she can’t deny the proof which states that she’s an alien. Woo jin and Jung yeon have no idea what to do, they’re broken and helpless and only trust each other. Woo jin’s sure the psychiatric hospital is the key to their answers. He saw the pen with the hospital’s name with professor papa and thinks he’s involved and to gather the clues they sneak into his study and get caught but they manage to come out with some pictures and Woo jin is beyond shocked to see his father in them. His father was working with professor papa in the hospital. Detective Hong in his investigation finds another horrible truth from a patient of the psychiatric hospital that they were being experimented on and he names Woo jin’s father the one who ran the experiments. I told ya! I was RIGHT!! *pats myself*

Bom gyun is still locked up and he’s having headaches and nose bleed and the one watching him calmly is professor papa. The assistant researcher’s (the minister in 2037) suspicious of him but why?

New World: The drama likes to play with our mind. I’m still skeptical about Joon hyuk being Bom gyun as I was when the truth was revealed. And this other revelation that Woo jin might be the chairman isn’t sitting well with me. Yes, there are hints and similarities between Woo jin and the chairman like the memory blocking/erasing but professor papa’s also looking into the same thing, so…

The chairman we are told about seems cold and calculated, a person with no emotions but in the picture Woo jin’s smiling. This is opposite of chairman’s personality. Maybe Woo jin’s memories were removed but he’s kept because he’s a genius who could make the better version of memory erasing program. The only clue is the painting in the picture and I won’t believe anything til I’m shown the face of the chairman.


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