Lookout: Episodes 9-10 Adrenaline rush…no JOKE!!


Do han may appear as a harmless guy to the bad guys but the chief prosecutor knows he’s cunning but he still doesn’t know the real devil he’s MUHAHAHHAAHA!

Fasten your seat belts because I do have a driving license but I don’t drive that and Do han’s intentions about his gang are raising questions. What if he actually is a bad guy? He only created the team and helped them so they can aid him in his revenge and when it’s completed he’ll toss them like a used tissue paper. If that happens, I’ll be bringing my voodoo dolls out. Even his own team is suspicious about him when they almost get caught.

We still don’t know about his real intentions but what we have seen he’s not the bad guy, he’s disguised as the bad guy. I’m still giving him a benefit of the doubt. Can he do something about his hair? The tower thingy on his head is distracting.

I knew it! School boy’s mom saw him smiling. She knows he pushed the little girl and she still hires a bodyguard for her son. Dagnabbit!

We get a teeny-tiny info about the shut-in. Her family was murdered and the information she wants is with the leader and once her case is solved she’ll be able to step out of the room.

New case about a rapist and robber Lee Jang soo who goes free because of the lack of evidence from the prosecution and because the statute of limitations has already passed on the rape case and that cheap coward goes back to his past habit and finds himself a new target. Good thing our shut-in has her eyes on him and she inform the hacker boy who immediately responds but Soo ji has found a clue about the leader and meets the handsome priest. She’s on to something but I doubt she’s going to find Do han there. I mean, come on its so soon!



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