Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 5 Finally, less confusing or so I thought…


Beta Project: So, how did professor papa knew about the alien? Was Woo jin’s father a researcher as well? If so he might have told his friend, Professor papa. Where is Woo jin’a father?

It’s been proved that Jung yeon is the girl/alien Woo jin saw when he’s young. At first, she doesn’t believe but all the evidence and proof scream the truth. Woo jin gets suspicious of professor papa but he hasn’t found the truth but he saw Bom gyun being taken away in front of his eyes in an ambulance which had the logo of the bluebird.

If Jung yeon’s the bluebird in 2037 then who is the bluebird in 2017? professor papa?

New World: Joon hyuk and bluebird aka Sung yeon meet and Joon hyuk recognizes her in an instant and before they could talk about Woo jin damn smart earth’s Human B intervenes and Sung yeon flees and accepts the ride offer from Erro who wants her to block her memories. Dude, didn’t you get the memo that she unblocks the memories not block them. He pretends everything is fine in front of Joon hyuk but our detective knows Erro is reporting everything to his superior, the deputy chief.

Who would have thought the deputy chief knows Jung yeon because they were in university together. So how many more people of 2017 are in 2037? The doc that’s with Joon hyuk is the crazy friend from 2017 and she removed the bug that’s in her. Ooooo Joon hyuk have the similar scar. There’s this assistant researcher in 2017 and now he’s a minister or something and he definitely doesn’t look like a nice person even though he’s helping the mayor in finding out the blocking memory search. I don’t know if I should trust the mayor or not. I don’t like trusting anyone because the damn thing breaks easily and can’t be repaired and it effin hurts so much.

The chairman of smart earth talks like an alien, in an inaudible language. God knows how deputy chief figured out that he wants Bluebird by using Joon hyuk.

I didn’t double-check but the picture of Woo jin, that Jung yeon provided to Joon hyuk, isn’t he the guard? Woo jin’s on smart earth!


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