Duel: Episode 2-A desperate father


What does Jo hye want? I don’t understand her logic. I fail to see her plan. Can she not feel sympathy? What made her so cold and calculated? She believes what she wants to believe. I need a reason. I need her story. No one is born evil there’s to be some circumstances that trigger the devil in a person.

The evil twin escapes and the good twin’s no memories, he doesn’t even remember his name and of course had no idea about the twin. He slowly gets his memories back. He woke up in a medical facility and saw his twin. He’s given a paper which had Deuk cheon’s name and he’s no idea about any girl or kidnapping. No matter how many times he’s asked he replies with the same answer.

Deuk cheon starts to believe in the good twin and thinks he’s not the one who took his daughter but no one believes in Deuk cheon’s twin story because no one saw the other twin and all the evidence points towards the good twin.

Good twin is put in the prison and Deuk cheon strikes a deal with him. Deuk cheon will help him in his escape and he’s to help in finding his daughter. Easier said than done. On the D-day the plan is executed but somehow the cops chase them. How did they arrive so quickly? Did Jo hye know Deuk cheon would do something reckless? When surrounded and no place to hide or run Deuk cheon jumps in the river with the good twin.

Evil twin’s Soo yeon for some reason. Maybe he wants to test some drugs on her. Its evident evil twin is not working alone there’s someone above him, keeping his eyes on him and evil twin isn’t happy with it.


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