Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 13-14 Slow and steady wins the race but I might not be able to see it til the end.


What’s with the slowpoke-ness? Or is it my energy that’s drained? But the drama isn’t moving much.

Dae mok still has his hold on everything and now wants the master peddler to work for him and if he can’t have him then death is his only option. Of course, he’s no idea who the master peddler is yet. Maybe he won’t recognize him or maybe he would think that this man has a similar face of the dead crown prince. I don’t think I need to think that much.

Sun reveals his identity to the investigator who once told him about the pyunsoo taking over the water and now even though he blames Sun for the deputy magistrate’s death he’ll work for him. He still hasn’t mustered up the courage nor he will because he can’t tell the truth about himself to Ga eun.

The other Sun aka pauper is having the same dilemma. He doesn’t tell anything to Ga eun but asks her to work for him in his garden. She hates him because he killed her father. Like I said, she keeps hating the mask. Well, this is a pretty solid chance for her to take the pot Sun’s mother asked her to which is hidden in the garden.

The gisaeng knows Sun’s hiding his real identity. What’s with everyone recognizing him even though he’s hidden all his life? She helps Sun in his plan to steal the copper.

Clingy acts as a double spy. She’d the option to save her father or let Sun win and she helped her father escape. Don’t regret later and does she have a conscience or something because she doesn’t look troubled by her family business. It’s hillarious every time she calls Gon, he appears like a genie. 


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