Lookout: Episodes 7-8 The devil’s justice


and of course, the devil is Do han. He’s letting the good guys hate him deliberately. He wants them to misunderstand him and if that’s the price he’s to pay to get the bad guys, so be it!

No one saw Do han protecting Soo ji when she’s surrounded by the cops. He’s a devil in disguise for the bad guys and yup he’s the leader of the black cat gang and the members haven’t seen his face except for the priest/handsome man.

Woo sung is a freakin bastard who won’t even think twice before killing his own child and wife and him boasting about the prosecutor having his back puts him in trouble. Chief prosecutor’s plan to shift the attention to Soo ji fails big time. MUHAHAHAHAHA

I’m waiting for everyone’s reaction after finding out Do han’s motive and true identity.


2 comments on “Lookout: Episodes 7-8 The devil’s justice

  1. Jo says:

    Me too! It won’t be long until they find out

    Liked by 1 person

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