Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 4 Misleading but don’t fall for it!


OH MAI GAWD!! Yes, the twist made me lose my ability to spell correctly, momentarily.

No idea about any circle, I haven’t seen one but the title of the drama should be “I have no memories!!”

Aliens and sci-fi has never been a topic of my interest. I remember there’s a story in my syllabus when I was in college about aliens or something like that but I never read it with interest. The story’s boring and I was half asleep when I was reading. But now I think I’m putting this genre into my favorite list that includes murders, mysteries, thrillers, psychological…

Beta project: Jung yeon’s not a bad person? Were we misguided? And the research professor is Jung yeon’s father and I did say that I have a bad feeling about him. He’s the one who’s Bom gyun and has planted a blue bug in him. Nooo! He’ll die!

Bom gyun’s a female friend who too thinks Jung yeon’s an alien and shows the proof to Woo jin and when he confronts her she tells him that she’s no memories. Her father’s controlling her memories.

New World: The theory that Bluebird is working with Smart earth proves false. Bluebird isn’t the one blocking the memories but bringing the memories back and Erro wants his memories blocked and for that to happen he’s to investigate the true identity of Joon hyuk.

After frying our brain cells with twists and making us go round and round in confusion its revealed Joon hyuk is Bom gyun. WHAT!!! but the majority thought its Woo jin but I had doubts, I knew it MUHAHAHA and blue bird is Jung yeon but she still looks the same and she too gets a shock about Joon hyuk’s identity.

So, where’s Woo jin? Woo jin’s right to suspect Jung yeon because of her email address but why does she look the same? How did Joon hyuk/Bom gyun got his sanity back? Is the owner of the smart world Jung yeon’s father or is it Woo jin? Woo jin wanted to erase memories, remember? Why is Jung yeon helping unblock the memories? What’s she trying to find? 


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