Lookout: Episodes 5-6 The bickering gang


Sometimes it feels like there needs to be a scene or two for the sequence to make sense other than that I’m enjoying the show.

I would have loved if Soo ji’s shot hit the schoolboy, I want some severe punishment for that schoolboy and his father, but then she would have ended up in jail or the black cat gang would have kidnapped her like they have now. They haven’t kidnapped her but she’s a fugitive.

Hacker boy and shut in girl tell Soo ji a little about themselves and their leader who will help her with her revenge like he’s helped them. Since she’s ruined her name all the sympathies are with the school boy and she’s deemed as a witch but the thing to note is the mother of the boy has doubts about her son, maybe he did push the girl. Oh well, all is forgotten since they got the innocent verdict and so a year passes and the chief prosecutor is on its way to be an attorney general but Soo ji still has her eyes on him.

The bickering gang- Soo ji, hacker boy and shut in girl get their mission from their leader who still hasn’t met Soo ji and she’s doubts about him. The mission takes us back to episode one, where a man, Kim Woo sung admitted of the stabbing he did 12 years back and someone else was blamed, because the prosecutors hid their incompetency, and instead of getting his sentence he’s again set free and now he’s on the move again. He plans to kidnap his daughter for insurance and our gang is after him. Soo ji almost dies and the little girl gets kidnapped.

I was waiting for the priest and Soo ji to cross path and they do but then nothing…

Coming back to the black cat gang. The man dressed in black as a priest is not the leader, it’s Do han. If the handsome guy (let’s call the priest that) was the leader he would have used his authority and ordered Do han not to interfere in Soo ji’s life as we now know Do han is using her for his revenge and he isn’t liking the way she acts because it’s ruining his plan and the handsome guy’s some painful past and revenge to take. Does that make Do han a good guy or a bad one?


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