Circle:Two worlds connected: Episode 3 Friend or Foe?


I need more brain cells to understand the New World. My ordinary brain can’t grasp all the hi-tech things going on there but that doesn’t mean the Beta world is easy to understand. I’m not going to believe anyone from now on.

Beta World: Jung yeon makes Woo jin believe she’s not the alien. She’s just investigating the truth about the suicides because her friend died as well, which are actually murders and Bom gyun thought she’s the one doing it. They both join their heads to find out the whereabouts of Bom gyun who’s gone missing. They search Bom gyun’s data and find out all the victims had the same symptoms and they lose one of the students in front of them, she jumps to her death and a blue colored bug/worm crawls out of her nose. *sprays insect killer spray* What about the other names written in the notebook? Are they in danger as well?

Woo jin thinks his brother made a mistake and mixed up the blue bug with the blue bird. Bom gyun told him that bluebird is behind everything. He takes the bug and cuts open it and finds a chip inside. Eeppp robot bugs? But that’s not even that scary, hold onto your chairs because the blue bird is revealed to be Jung yeon’s email address and Woo jin finds the blue bugs in her room and she’s locked Bom gyun in an empty building. Eeppp! She’s the alien from that time. She learned to emote and blend in humans. RUN!!

Woo jin finally started to believe in her but his trust shattered. I find the researchers suspicious as well.

New World: We have enough hints to support the theory that Woo jin is detective Joon hyuk, both like to rotate the rubik’s cube and both are rational or we are being misled and Bom gyun is Joon hyuk. He’s one of the two brothers that’s for sure and he doesn’t have any memories of the past. So who’s the owner of the smart world? Again it’s one of the twins or the father?

Joon hyuk’s sure in the smart world the memories can be changed, tempered and blocked but the peacemaker or Erro as Joon hyuk likes to call him doesn’t think so that’s until his own suppressed memories surface but he’s brainwashed or used to fake happiness that he’s scared to have his memories back.

Bluebird almost gets caught by Joon hyuk but Erro ruins the plan. Bluebird isn’t the hacker, it’s the one who’s blocking the memories and smart earth won’t let the secret about the memories come out.

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