I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 7


What’s your size? Ring size!

Mystery guy gives another problem to Makoto for him to solve. Give a ring to Haruko as a birthday present and well you know what ring means but the thing is Makoto’s not to ask her about her finger size. Enter rival, the jack of all trades. He can guess the number only by looking at the finger and helps Makoto and they buy lots and lots of Asparagus and Makoto learns how to guess the size. I don’t think it’s a very outstanding ability.

Mystery guy introduces himself to rival as Kame and he’s holding the turtle (Kame) and Kame (Makoto) is sitting in front of him and soon corrects himself and says he’s Kami. Makoto jumps in and quickly makes up a story that Kamishiwa Saburo? came from abroad. Ahhahaha. Rival and mystery guy find a name for each other, Sabu chan (mystery guy’s name) and Mi chan (rival’s name) and they become friends. That’s quick.

Sabu chan and Makoto practice how he’ll put the ring on Haruko. It’s to be a surprise and Makoto misses one chance after another with Haruko BUT he succeeds in the end and she’s happy and they hold hands. Wedding bells soon perhaps?

Haruko tells her mother that she’s a boyfriend but for some reason doesn’t tell his name and those wedding plans that I was making needs to be halted because Makoto’s ex-criminal girlfriend has appeared again.


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