Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 11-12 Noble idiocy or guilt?


Sun was at the Pyunsoo’s hideout trying to find out their secret. Pyunso people be stupid, who lights a fire at a hideout? Ga eun and her companions get rescued by Sun and Chung woon. She recognizes him as Chun soo, that’s the name he gave her when they met first, but he says that he isn’t the one she’s looking for. Shucks! He feels guilty about her father’s death and knows she hates the prince but Chun soo’s her first love.

Surprise! Sun is the master peddler Ga eun was looking for. After hearing her troubles they go to a merchants meeting and lo and behold clingy is there. She’s a merchant now and hates Dae mok and that doesn’t mean I like her. Sun strikes a deal with the merchants and they agree to help Ga eun’s people but on a condition, clingy wants to know why Dae mok is demanding the money suddenly. Or she can ask her father and grandfather directly. Why is she throwing him in danger? He still doesn’t know she’s Dae mok’s granddaughter, the guy who killed his father. I can see some heartbreak coming.

She just wants to spend some time with him. She takes him to meet the traders because he’s already figured out that Dae mok plans to print money and that’s why he’s harboring copper. His hunch becomes true when he sees Dae mok’s son. Before Sun could get his hands on whatever sorry face (clingy’s father) had in his pocket someone else takes it and they stealthily fight and Sun sees the bracelet which we all saw a gisaeng was wearing.

And finally to our pauper who is fully in Dae mok’s hand and if he dares to defy him, he’s punished. The good thing’s he’s made a friend, a guard in the palace and for some reason told his real identity to him and gets news about his family through him.

I’m kinda confused about clingy’s father’s identity. Is he Dae mok’s son or son-in-law? Dae mok just looks at him like he doesn’t expect anything from him. Usually, this kind of treatment is given to son-in-laws. If sorry face is really the son then what grave mistake did he commit that Dae mok is not willing to give him the high position?


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