Lookout: Episodes 3-4 Gripping


Do han isn’t the bad guy, he just appears to be a jerk, he pretends to be on the bad guys side. He’s planning to ruin them. LOVE IT! But I hate is hairdo. I call him hairdo instead of Do han.

The high school boy who pushed Soo ji’s daughter is the son of the chief prosecutor and the prosecutor better start counting his days because he’s on Do han’s ruin list. Do han’s father got life imprisonment after the prosecution said he’s a spy and the prosecutor at that time was the now chief prosecutor.

Soo ji’s daughter dies and the high schooler roams free even though he’s the one who pushed her. I still don’t understand “why” though. He smiles at Soo ji and mouths that he did it. *calling truck of doom*

Secret organization…too long, can I just call it black cat until I figure out the name? So, black cat’s leader decides to recruit Soo ji. Well, she’s to survive first because the black cat’s minion the hyper boy (Key) just made a mistake and her partner the shut-in girl (Kim Seul gi) can’t do anything now.

Will the partner of Soo ji, father of the child, make his appearance?


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