Muqabil: Episode 25 A beautiful message (Last Episode)


Loved it! Perfect! Totally satisfied. Worth it.

I wanna dance *throws confetti* *twirls* me in LALA land

By the way, have I ever mentioned what “Muqabil” means? You already googled it? Good! And it means face to face, thank you.

Okay, so Parisa takes a huge step. She tells the media her story so that the parents notice the change in their children and help them instead of making them quiet in the name of honor, pride and what not. Her family supports her greatly because they only want her happiness.

Armaan clearly tells Sara NO and let’s just skip her whining because Armaan is totally heartbroken, he can’t find a way to reach Parisa. No worries though Parisa comes to him this time. She extends her hand and he takes it. *FIREWORKS in my heart*

Loved Armaan’s thought that he wrote about his relationship with Parisa and that changed her mind. I wonder if Kubra (Parisa) can read Urdu now heheheee.

Thanks to all the actors, writer, director and the whole team of Muqabil for creating such a beautiful drama.

And the curtain falls.


4 comments on “Muqabil: Episode 25 A beautiful message (Last Episode)

  1. Jo says:

    The ending was beautiful, when they held hands I was like “my kids, look how beautiful they are” lol, I’m happy that Parisa spoke to the media and I’m also happy that the show chose this subject matter and this route to end the show because it brings child sexual abuse to light, which is a taboo subject. Bravo to everyone

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    • Miss Khan says:

      I couldn’t stop smiling at the end. i was scared what if Parisa leaves even after reading the diary…there’s only 1 min left I NEED MY HAPPY ENDING…and she walked towards him with a glass of water..HURRAH!!!
      this taboo subject was indeed executed brilliantly. there’s another drama, Udari, with the same subject but the focus is on the lower class. i didn’t watch the drama because i’m allergic to an actress but the drama was a huge success

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