Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 1 Complicated and confusing


Do you believe in Aliens? What I have read and heard is that there are no aliens and I won’t go into details because I love my life.

Beta Project: In 2007 twin young boys and their father has an encounter with an alien. The alien appears in a human girl’s (Gong Seung yeon) form. Dad takes the alien and leaves the house. Older brother thinks the alien took their father but the younger one believes that their father abandoned them. The incident affects both of the brothers. Older bro Kim Bom gyun (An Woo yeon or you may remember him as Bong ki in Strong woman, he played Bong soon’s twin. Maybe he loves being the twin) loses his mind, spends some time in an asylum and in prison. The younger brother Kim Woo jin (Yeo Jin gu) is a university student in 2017. In the university murders/suicides are taking place and Woo jin thinks Woo yeon is connected to them. They both once again see the same alien girl. They soon disappear and no one knows what happened to them.

New World: It’s the year 2037 and there are two worlds. The normal earth and the smart earth (normal phone and smart phone?). Not anyone can enter the smart earth, a chip is first installed which is to monitor your moves and they claim that they have zero crime rate.

The normal earth is not a healthy place to live and this is where our detective Kim Joon hyuk (Kim Kang woo) lives and their world gets a call for help from the smart world and he takes the case. Only one person, for now, knows about the missing twins, it’s the detective Hong who was investigating the university deaths and he asks Joon hyuk to look into the brother’s case.

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