Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 7-8 The Foolish King


Only if the king’s wise enough things wouldn’t have turned the way it did. He should have believed in his son like the Lord granted Sun the permission to follow his heart. The king’s greedy and it made him weak and he bowed to the powerful. He couldn’t escape the evil’s clasp, even if he wanted. He couldn’t prove that he’s right and in the end died by the hands of his enemy.

Dae mok wasn’t the bad guy from the beginning. The circumstances made him the man he’s today. He’s forced to fight for himself and he became the person he detested. Why should he feel for those who are inferior to him? Just because he’s the same as them? No one helped him and he made his own destiny. He’d the chance to be a good person but the hatred in his heart took over him.

Ga eun hates the prince with all her might for killing her father, but what fate, she doesn’t know the true prince is really close to her and what she hates is the mask.

To me the pauper was stating the truth to the king that he wanted to help the prince as his loyal subject, but when the king refused to believe he changed his statement, even though it’s true but that wasn’t his real intention.

It’s rumored Lee Sun the crown prince’s a weak-minded person, but his confrontation with Dae mok made him realize that the boy is so strong-willed that he’ll fight head on with them. Tragedy has fallen on this young brave man. He loses his father in front of him and has no idea his mother is no more.

Just hold on a minute! Is the queen a bad person? Clingy is clingy as ever.


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