Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 5-6 Justice over…?


And as we thought pauper is thought to be the prince because he’s holding the prince’s tag/medallion. It’s so easy to fool the bad guys and Dae mok is proud they know the prince’s face. Clingy as usual whines, stomps and sulks because she wants the crown prince. I can never ever understand one-sided love. She even takes Dae mok’s best man Gon and orders him to protect Lee Sun. As by drama logic, Gon should have feelings for clingy but I can’t see for now.

The king wants Lee Sun to understand that he joined hands with the bad guys to save him but Sun isn’t willing to understand. He only cares about protecting his subjects. At first, the king was all like, it’s not your fault and then he suddenly changes his tune and blames him for ordering the investigation on the water bureau.

Dae mok’s hold on the king’s strong and he orders killing the deputy magistrate for using the crown prince’s name and Lee Sun should kill him with his own hands. Sun gets locked up with no guards and clingy comes to rescue him and he reaches in time as Chung woon dressed as crown prince is about to strike.

Woo bo is definitely a person worthy to be a master and both Sun’s need his guidance to succeed and if he gets killed by Dae mok then our boys need to find someone ASAP.


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