Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 6 First impressions


We got a back story on how Natsume made friends when he transferred school. The story is told from Kitamoto and Nishimura’s perspective. They both thought that Natsume is a little strange. He remains quiet and is impossible to read and even his smile is fake but they soon become good friends and learn about life, decisions and family from each other.

Kitamoto and Nishimura both have heard Natsume talking to “someone” and I think they wouldn’t be surprised if they learn that Natsume can see and interact with supernatural beings. I want that so Natsume would be less lonely.

Such a lovely episode. I loved how the family problems were shown. Kitamoto’s scared to lose his father, was scared he won’t be able to protect his family and Nishimura not getting enough attention in the house but his mother gets worried when he ends up in the hospital. Natsume envies them and I loved when he said “nice guys make nice friends”


2 comments on “Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 6 First impressions

  1. Karandi says:

    This was a really great episode. These two characters have been around since the beginning but we really didn’t know that much about them. This episode didn’t change how I viewed them but it certainly helped me to see them a bit clearer and why they are such a great support for Natsume.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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