Muqabil: Episode 24 Still one problem left to solve


Yup, I thought this is the last episode but nope. I just hope this is the last second last episode. There’s only one track left to solve and that’s Armaan and Parisa’s. If the drama doesn’t end by the next episode then it’ll drag.

This whole episode was for those victims who suffer, and they are not to be blamed, and how they cope.

We get the thoughts of every member of Parisa’s family. Shehnaz realizes and feels guilty that what she did was just an easy punishment for Mahmood. And for some reason, she shares her daughter’s life with her annoying friend Nasreen. Woman! This is supposed to be a SECRET and such a private matter shouldn’t be discussed like some recipes and then she dares to think Parisa hates her. Woman, admit you’re wrong! Aftab blames his wife for neglecting their children and wants to do anything to give Parisa her life back. The thing is Armaan is her life. Her brother feels guilty for not being there for his sister. Parisa seems different. She seems more confident and at peace now that everything’s out but she also wants to run from all the memories.

Symbul’s track was scary and creepy. Why would anyone think about anything in the graveyard?! Poor girl almost had life ruined but this made her and Zubeida realize that Parisa’s not at fault.

And finally coming to Armaan. This guy clearly needs to tell Sara that he’s not interested in her because she can’t read facial expressions. I can’t hear her MARRIAGE! MARRIAGE! MARRIAGE! MARRIAGE! MARRY ME! MARRY ME! anymore. Why is she all of a sudden interested in him?


5 comments on “Muqabil: Episode 24 Still one problem left to solve

  1. Jo says:

    The thing that confused me was Sara’s segment: WHEN DID SHE EVEN START LIKING HIM?!! I’m so confused

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    • Miss Khan says:

      they remained friends even after college/uni and because the writer can’t find anything to fill the time so we have Sara.


      • Jo says:

        The writer could have made her a voice of reason and could have gotten our couple back together, that would have been a better role


        • Miss Khan says:

          i liked her when she sided with Parisa and blamed Armaan. she’d no idea about the truth and doesn’t know anything now either. but all of a sudden she changed her mind and wants Armaan as her partner?? maybe she’s trying to make Armaan realize that he actually loves Parisa and can’t live without her

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