Rebel: Thief who Stole People: Episode 29


Things are shaping up pretty nicely not for the king though and he’s himself to blame, he should have woken up to protect his people instead of showing his cruelness, and the ministers leave him the moment they realize they’ll be roasted alive by the rebels. So much for enjoying the royalties, huh.

Ga ryung survives! YAY! Baby Jo and mistress Jo get their status taken and are demoted to slaves and he helps the rebel team. Did mistress Jo died? Finally! I didn’t like baby Jo switched sides suddenly. Was it because he’s demoted? I expected him to run to the king’s side to protect him. Me and my high expectations.

Ministers and commoners join hands to remove the king who has lost his mind after the defeat, the thing that affected him most was running from the battlefield. Yup, a loser and a coward.

Nok soo in her own way comforts the king before their last moments. The end is near, the tears are flowing and the beloved is with you. Fear is there and the time has come to bid farewell.


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