SnK Season 2 -Episode 32 Threat to humanity (because no Levi!)


SnK= Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan

Mikasa laments on the lost chance to kill Bert and Reiner, she had a sympathy attack because they once were all friends, too late now as they appear in Titan form and to protect his friends from the traitors Eren changes his appearance too.

He takes the armored titan while the colossal just eats, Ymir and someone else, and stands there. Going by past experience they were not eaten but just kept safe and sound somewhere in the stomach. Jonah and fish?

Eren talks BIG but only one punch is enough to send him flying. But he’s learned from the best, Annie and Reiner, and uses their technique, mainly Annie’s, to fight. She showed the move to overpower the powerful in a fight and Mikasa and she had a duel and no on remembers how that turned out but Jean was cheering for Mikasa.

Eren and Armored fight was a nice WWF match and why did Hanji went all red and blushed when titan Eren responded to her? Oh, well let’s think about that later because Eren and the rest of the squad are in danger because the colossal decided to dive on them.


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