Rebel: Thief who Stole People: Episode 28


When you have nothing to lose, you fight with all your might, you are not afraid to die and you won’t let the other person overpower you. Your morals are high and so are your spirits. Even though you are few in numbers and don’t have proper weapons to fight but you are brave.

The king arrives with the HUGE army to kill fistful people. History tells us fistful people have won time and again. I guess the king didn’t read history. Oh well, he made one. Spoke too soon? We have two more episodes to go and Ga ryung hasn’t woken up yet after getting hit by the arrow.

I really, really, really liked the scene when the king’s side played their trump card and exposed Gil dong’s identity as a servant’s son but the reaction was totally opposite. Even those who were in the king’s army, the green beads people, went against the king.

I’m bad at maths but a servant fighting for people is much better than the king who doesn’t even care about his people and enjoys the killing as if it’s a soccer match. You can do the rest of the calculations.

Nok soo or as I like to call her now BINCH!! can feel all the guilt and cry but I won’t care, like she didn’t care about her “once” loved ones. The prince dies a brutal death and Mori needs to know that he’s a heart. Poor guy just fell in wrong hands.


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