SnK Season 2 -Episode 31 Traitors!!


SnK= Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan

The day we were afraid of is here. When you can’t differentiate between your friend and foe, who do you believe? The memories, the time spent together becomes a lie. Pain? Denial? Truth? All but excuses. It’s time to fight for what we believe is right!

After a close call with death and Ymir’s true identity, more secrets pour out but make sure to keep a straight face or the plan will fall in jeopardy. I couldn’t….even in the manga, I started laughing. It’s not my fault!

Reiner oh so casually tells Eren that he’s the armored titan and Bert the colossal one and they were the one who attacked the humanity and won’t harm anything if he comes with them.

Bert never wanted to reveal the truth and Eren’s reaction is: huh? Dafuq? You drunk bro? What’s funny is that because the truth is revealed so nonchalantly and the focus wasn’t even on Reiner when he’s saying it.

Even more shocking thing’s that Hanji, Mikasa, Eren, Armin, the troop that came to save Crista and Conny’s team knew the truth and they were to pretend like they have no idea so the human titans can be captured.

But all of a sudden Reiner goes crazy and he and Bert reveal their true titan forms and since they are showing off, I mean trying to harm innocent people, Eren shifts into his titan form. Attack!

Most important thing is we got to see Levi. He didn’t say a word though but I’m still happy with that and there was no Jean or horse.


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