I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 4


Try, Try, Try until you succeed!

Be like Makoto, pursue your love! Don’t give up! Give carrots to your boss or something that he/she hates so you can be fired sooner than later and then you’ll have all the time to follow the person you love.

Sooner or later you’ll give up after exhausting your energy. Don’t you have anything else to do? Find a hobby. Live your life and let the other person do the same.


No? Okay, Makoto wins Haruko’s, heart. Hold your horses and carriages and wedding preparations. She didn’t say YES yet. She doesn’t hate or dislike him…that’s all and he’s fallen for her for real. POWER OF FATE!! Even rival believes in fate. He’s stepped back as a suitor and will remain as a friend.

Mystery guy aka God hinted towards a date and hotel and tears and handkerchief. Baby making? It’s time for the mystery guy to cut loose his apron and wear the midwife clothes.



5 comments on “I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 4

  1. Jo says:

    I knew he wouldn’t last at that job, THEY DON’T DESERVE HIM, he jus needed to be there because FATE 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      AHAHAHHAAA this is a misunderstanding. no one got fired. i’m making a joke that you’ll get fired if you give things to your boss that he/she dislikes.


      • Jo says:

        Oh okay 😂 haven’t seen the ep yet so.. But I still don’t think he’ll last I hope he works with her father but who knows lol


  2. Phuong Minh says:

    please! Give me a link to see ep4


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