Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 4 Burden of friendship


Natori is back in this episode *yipeeeee* and that’s all for the happiness because things are getting a bit serious and I wasn’t told who the exorcist is until I read a comment pointing out its Natori’s teacher. How am I supposed to remember something that happened eons ago, anime makers? Good thing that commenter did. Maybe it wasn’t important so that’s why we weren’t told. We were told about Shibata in the last episode and I still couldn’t remember him. Yes, all faults lie in me.

So, in this episode, we visit a girl’s house and she believes something resides in it. Her father was an exorcist but he can’t see the yokais now. Natsume and Natori and even Nyanko weren’t able to sense that the maid isn’t human but a yokai. Natori believes that the yokai, the shiki of the exorcist, wants to be free that’s why she’s creating a ruckus but Natsume thinks different. He thinks she wants to tell him something. The maid yokai recognizes Natsume and knows about his yuujinchou. The conversation is heard by Natori but he pretends he didn’t hear.

This makes Natsume think that if he should tell Natori about the Yuujinchou but he doesn’t know how he’ll react. Natori tells him that he should tell his secret when he’s ready. Which makes me think, that he knows. Come on, now, Natori is an exorcist wouldn’t he have heard yokais talking about Natsume and yuujinchou? I highly doubt he’s no idea. He’s just giving Natsume some space and time. What IF Natori’s not the good guy? What IF he takes the book? Yada! Yada! Yadaaaaa

Guys, we have another important matter. Another yokai kidnaps Natsume. No worries, Natsume can punch him/her/it and Nyanko is there with him. He won’t let anyone harm Natsume and of course, Natori is in the house too. Guys! HELP! Natsume’s in danger!!!


4 comments on “Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 4 Burden of friendship

  1. Karandi says:

    I was very happy to see Natori back and I really enjoyed this episode. I don’t even mind the cliff hanger at the end because as you said, we kind of know where things will go so Natsume will be fine, its just a matter of the next steps.
    Thanks for sharing.

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