Muqabil: Episodes 21-22 Finally!!


I’m selfish. I want Armaan and Parisa to be together. I know what he feels. I know they both are victims but I also know they both care for each other. They both love each other. They can’t bear to see the other in pain…so how are they planning on living apart?

Armaan broke his leg not his head but he still came up with a stupid idea. We know he’s decided he can’t live with Parisa and his next step’s to pretend he liked someone else (enter Sara). He’ll take the blame and Parisa will be free. But the thing is Parisa doesn’t want that. She wants him. She admits that being alone with him doesn’t make her uncomfortable anymore. But Armaan’s needle’s stuck. He blames her for ruining his life just for her revenge and she tells him that wasn’t her plan and things just happened and to prove she decides to leave him.

I’ll leave. No, I’ll leave- was giving me a headache and I always thought why can’t anyone listen to their conversation, even accidentally, when ALL the windows and doors are open to their room. And then it happened. My jaw literally fell, my heart stopped. Zubeida’s reaction tells that she heard everything. I feel so bad for her. She respects her husband so much. How will she cope with this?

I don’t believe Mahmood doesn’t know that Armaan knows the truth. You must be a special kind of moron not to understand the hints and hatred. Is he truly oblivious?


3 comments on “Muqabil: Episodes 21-22 Finally!!

  1. Jo says:

    YAY!! OMG, when she was backing away, that shot OMG! The cameraman did an amazing job, you could feel their emotion, he didn’t want her to go AND OMG!!! Zubeida like wow, her face at the end, I need the next episode!!! I feel like he should know because Armaan looks at him with disgust, like how wouldn’t

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    • Miss Khan says:

      Armaan’s expressions were just WOW indeed when Parisa said she’ll leave. he clearly didn’t want her to KKYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
      i never thought Zubieda will listen from Parisa and Armaan. her world just shattered. i feel really bad for her.
      if Mahmood knows and still stays in the same house then he’e the most shameless person on earth and if he’s no idea then that means he doesn’t feel guilty anymore.
      YAY!!!! tuesday is almost here !

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