Rebel: Thief who Stole People: Episodes 25-26


I think shouldn’t it be pretty common and basic thing to think that if you have your people in the palace the palace might have someone in your den…

Good thing is the situation didn’t get worse. Gil hyun himself reveals his identity and he disappears with those soldiers who think that what the king is doing is wrong and cruel.

Sung Hwa infiltrates the Hong den and of course her brothers are happy to see her but the thing is she’s no memory which means she’s on the evil side but as she’s about to tell Mr green beads about everything her memory comes back. I made it so non-dramatic.

When you fight for justice you are bound to win, sacrifices are made but the injustice is defeated. The king thinks differently, to prove that he’s the one who rules and people should fear him, he kills people in the name of creating peace. He doesn’t know for some reason that by doing this his people will rebel and that’s what Gil dong told him: the more crueller you’re the more power I’ll get.

Poor Ga ryung still has no idea that her husband is alive. I don’t think Nok soo told her but why is she keeping it a secret?


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