Nazr-e-bad: Episodes 23-26




I was so happy in the previous episodes about Ms rich having control over Pervaiz but now the tables have turned again. Pervaiz can’t bear any more insults. He through his “friends” makes her life miserable and kills her and makes it look like a suicide. He then burns the office and asks client binch to steal a file. Couldn’t his friends bring it themselves and why didn’t he let the file burn? It’s the documents about his contract marriage, no?

The black magic works and Maham falls under its spell and marries Pervaiz. But then somehow the spell breaks and she can’t believe what she did and that era ends soon and she again is blinded by the spell and enjoys his company.

Client binch is way too much in love with Pervaiz. She does whatever he asks her to do and she knows that he doesn’t love her but that doesn’t stop her from helping him. Pervaiz respects his friendship with her and teaches a lesson to those who are rude to her and this makes her really happy and hopeful.

Pervaiz hopes to change, he wants to walk on the righteous path instead of this wrong one and in trying to find the right way he makes his friends angry and his life becomes miserable. He then meets a two-faced man, as in he has makeup on half on his face, and he knows about black magic as well and has friends too. He patches between Pervaiz and his friends and reminds him not to make them angry again. Okay, this guy is seriously scary. His tone changes when he gets possessed but he’s control over them. He knows client binch’s love for Pervaiz and he’s willing to help because she helped him.

I was actually waiting for some punishment for Pervaiz but instead got a new character. I liked how Perviaz got the chance to set his life straight but he failed the test of patience and any hope for salvation.



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