SnK Season 2 -Episode 30 True Identity


SnK= Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan

A person you live with, spend your memories of joy and sadness and yet you don’t know who he/she is. Do you feel betrayed or do you think there’s a reason I was kept in dark?

Okay, I know Levi is injured and we can’t see him in action but that doesn’t mean he can’t appear with his snarky comments. I wanna see him!!! At least we get to see Jean. Don’t be so happy, he didn’t appear suddenly or anything…it’s a flashback. I think it’s him. Some characters have similar faces or maybe I just can’t differentiate.

Ymir knows about Crista’s, fake name and hidden identity because she heard the priest talking and she became friends with her because she felt they both are similar. For a moment I thought Ymir told her secret to Crista and promised her to get back her name and live but when Ymir appears in her titan form Crista says, she had no idea about her. Did I miss something? I do miss Levi though.

Everyone is shocked and Crista is the first one to come to her senses and yells at Ymir not to throw her life away and act as a hero. Everyone else talks about Ymir’s motives. Reiner and Bert recognize her as the titan who killed their friend. Ymir at the cost of her life saves her team but the titans over power her.

Everyone was about to be killed and Hanji appears with her team and that scene was so cool. The first kill was by Mikasa and she reminded me of Levi when he made his first entry in season 1.

and so fist full of humans survive once again. The whole focus is on Ymir who is badly injured and closes her eyes after Crista reveals her real name: Historia.

Ymir didn’t die, right? She can regenerate after all she’s a titan, no? Eren did the same when he became a titan. If she survives she’ll be asked a hell of a lot of questions.


5 comments on “SnK Season 2 -Episode 30 True Identity

  1. Karandi says:

    I was wondering whether she was dead or not after this episode. It seems like she shouldn’t be, given what Eren has survived, but that scene with Crista kind of made it seem like she had died. I guess next week we’ll find out.

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    • Miss Khan says:

      if she dies then who will answer all the questions? i guess we need to wait for more human titans to quench our thirst- that or Eren reaches his basement first

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      • Karandi says:

        I’m starting to think the basement doesn’t exist (I’m joking – a little). They keep bringing it up and waving the key around but we’ve no actual evidence that it is even there. For all Eren knows his house got stomped by another Titan after he was dragged away and the entire thing was collapsed in.

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        • Miss Khan says:

          i actually believe there’s no basement because Eren’s house was destroyed. the key is just his hope that he’s made up and this all titans attacking and stuff is just his imagination, a dream.
          my story sucks.

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          • Karandi says:

            That could be fun. Eren is actually in a hospital recovering from the trauma of seeing his mother die when his house collapsed in a perfectly ordinary earthquake. Everything else is delusion. I kind of like it.

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