I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 3


Good news!!

The drama is being subbed. Hurrah!! So go ahead and watch it and tell me how much of it I got right.

One problem solved and the other arrives. Poor Makoto and his life or is it luck? Why doesn’t anything work for this guy? Which makes me think that if its fate then, in the end, they both, Makoto-Haruko will meet even if he doesn’t work hard, no? No. Even God can’t do anything but persuade the man and I have another question…maybe it’s answered and I didn’t get it. Why didn’t the God appear before Haruko? I know she would have definitely called the cops or would have used some martial arts skills to sent him to the hospital.

Rival is all set to propose to Haruko and even informs Makoto beforehand. Makoto loses his chance even though he prepared himself, memorizes 100 classic songs, to impress her. He just stands and watches them. He should just move on but he mopes around and plays baseball with two kids. (Kamenashi and baseball= match made in heaven). I like the rude boy, of course, if someone was talking to me like that I would have slapped or scolded or some other thing but Makoto is not me.

Makoto believes in fate that doesn’t mean I don’t but this story isn’t about me. Fate intervenes, Makoto and Haruko meet at the playground and YIPEEE!!! she rejected rival…*throws confetti* CHANCE!!! and fate again plays with them. The score on the scoreboard matches Makoto’s number and he’s ready to take a gamble. He wants her to have his number so they can talk. She doesn’t wait till the game ends and leaves but she comes back and dials the number from the scoreboard and Makoto picks up on the other side. IT’S TIME TO REJOICE. He invites her to dine and she accepts.

Before we get tooooo happy, God tells all smiles Makoto that rejecting rival doesn’t mean Haruko will fall in love with him and true enough Haruko tells her parents that she doesn’t want to marry and doesn’t say why.

All this fate, destiny, chance… reminds me of Thomas Hardy.


5 comments on “I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 3

  1. Jo says:

    Everytime Makoto and G.O.D are in the same room, I just stare at them and forget to read the subs😂😂😂 but I hope his luck will start showing up because the guy needs it lol

    Liked by 1 person

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