Muqabil: Episodes 19-20 Downfall


Who jinxed Armaan and Parisa’s happiness!! They have such pretty names, Armaan means “a wish” and Parisa means “like a fairy”. So what’s with their luck???

Armaan looks so weak, so worthless. He is in pain, unbearable pain but this time his lips are not singing but his eyes are telling a story no one’s reading. He realizes what Parisa meant, when she said about getting uncomfortable when someone touches her, he feels the same when he looks at his father.

Armaan only has hatred and anger in his eyes for his father. He tells him the truth about Parisa’s abuse and gives hints upon hints that he knows who the perpetrator is but still manages to keep everything under control.

Why can’t anyone see the change in Armaan’s expression when he looks at his father? Sara is the only one who figures out that he’s trying to commit suicide. Why is he rejecting Parisa? Does he feel guilty because of his father? He should stand with her. She’s willing to have him back. She would have never revealed the truth if not for the drinking incident. She even asks him to forget what she said. Armaan needs to get out of his…whatever he’s feeling. He’s hiding the truth from his mother and sister and Parisa is hiding from her family. Both families have no idea what happened between them when they were so in love. Parisa leaves her mother’s house because she can’t answer her questions and Armaan gets worried about her. 

Sometimes it feels like Mahmood is trying to save his son’s marriage and then he tells Parisa that if she knew she’s an incomplete woman then why did she get married. I don’t understand what he’s trying to do. He always tells the old pious man about his burden and distress but I love it when the old man sides with Parisa. I always thought one thing, Mahmood always asks for forgiveness but he never asks for punishment. You have committed a sinful crime and you were in your senses then why get scared…and now his son is receiving the punishment.

The dialogues between Armaan and Mahmood were so amazing and the acting was so great it felt that everything’s happening in real.

And now the wait begins. I have to wait week after week to watch a new episode.


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