Muqabil: Episodes 15-16 Sweetness Overload


As much I hate those two loafers, for interrupting Armaan’s and Parisa’s time together, at the same time I’m kinda glad because Armaan protected his wife and got injured and the outcome’s even more wonderful.

Parisa takes care of him like a real wife (don’t ask me why didn’t they go to the hospital). They become closer and closer. She starts to sing again. Life intervenes, as usual, he doesn’t have a proper job so they make a budget and the topic of kids is touched and Parisa again tells him that he should get what he deserves and since she can’t give him that, he should find someone before she gets used to him and find it difficult to let him go. He says in response that he’s already used to her. *I wanna hide them together in my cabinet.*

He reveals a little about himself that he hums when he’s pain. So when Sara crashes on Armaan and Parisa’s dinner date where she mentions that her engagement’s ended, he later hums and Parisa is clearly uncomfortable and I hate when Sara hugged Armaan. He’s taken back and immediately looked at Parisa who was clearly shocked. He later decides to get the job where Sara works and it annoys Parisa and she thinks Armaan should just marry her and live a happy life.

Next thing you know Armaan tells Parisa that he’s accepted the job and has proposed to Sara. This irks Parisa so much that she starts cursing him. I was pretty sure Armaan’s just trying to get a reaction but I was also scared what if I’m wrong…but I wasn’t. HURRAH!

He didn’t accept the job at Sara’s place and he’ll get the job Parisa’s father offered and everyone is happy with this decision.

They are so CUTE together!! and when you’re happy something is bound to happen to ruin your mood. Zubeida and Symbul visit the couple when they are cooking and for no reason, Zubeida starts yelling just because his son is cooking. Dafuq? Why the eff is Symbul being an annoying girl? Parisa spoke highly of her husband than Mahmood. Why not? He’s better than his father. Let’s see where you’ll hide when the truth about your father comes out! I’m proud of Armaan for taking his wife’s side and reminding his family he’s not doing anything wrong.

Why is Armaan accepting all the luxuries when he rejected them first?

I love the new inserted song “kya kijiye” (poetry of Jon Elia) and there’s a short clip of Armaan and Parisa singing it.


3 comments on “Muqabil: Episodes 15-16 Sweetness Overload

  1. Jo says:

    Its like you knew I was going to ask why they didn’t go to the hospital but it doesn’t matter because the scene was so romantic. AND I TOLD YOU, THE MOM IS PISSED I WAS SOOO CONFUSED also, my guess is that he wants to make Parisa happy that’s why he’s accepting all the gifts


    • Miss Khan says:

      now i feel that its good they didn’t went to the hospital, they spent the time together, enjoyed each others company.
      and we know what happened when he ended up in the hospital T_T
      stupid mom was angry because his son was cooking..tsk..tsk… lets see what she’ll do when she learns about her husband.
      then Armaan should have accepted the luxuries in the first place. he knew he’s broke and still absolutely declined everything.


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