Crisis: Episode 3


As usual, I missed the most important stuff

So a hypocrite politician? is killed in broad daylight and in front of the media. A very bold move by the three masked attackers. Our special investigation team takes the case and finds out that the gun used is quite unusual and through an informer reach a mafia looking guy and he admits he had them but they were stolen by his son and he believes that his son was one of the masked attacker, the one on the bike.

And he gives some other info how to find them. The information proves quite helpful and the son is caught but he manages to inform his friends and they get away

Who is this Mr robot with the commissioner? He doesn’t like our team and commissioner says if the other boys strike again the blame will fall on the special team.

The two other boys are actually brothers and they are avenging their father’s death. We also get the only female in the team’s story when she’s a hacker but I need skills to understand that part.

The brothers attack on their next victim is stopped and when cornered they kill each other yelling: for the future of the country.

I actually enjoyed this episode than the last one and I would be really grateful for the subs.

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