Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 3- A call from a friend


Where can I call to get Natsume for a day? Friendship rules again in this episode and makes me envy coz no friends. sigh- but the fictional world is there to keep me company. hurrah!

A friend, Shibata, from the past, calls Natsume. You might remember him but I didn’t. Natsume was kind enough to remind that he’s the one who fell in love with a yokai and had a sad love. He knows about Natsume’s ability. He’s a friendly but an annoying guy.

Natsume is kinda forced to take Tanuma to meet Shibata where our spooky story of the day takes place. Shibata tells about a Doll Mansion and the creepy noises that come from there.

People sure have lots of free time to do disturbing things, like the one who lived in the house. He collected dolls and spirits transferred into the empty vessels and the guy himself ran away. Wuss much!

Now we have two dolls, Nitai sama, on our hands and Natsume and team visits the house and thanks to that those dolls follow Natsume back to Tanuma’s house where the boys are planning on staying.

The boys cook together and talk some more about the creepy dolls and get scared and lock the doors. Does that stop the dolls from coming inside? NO. and I was surprised that Tanuma’s house isn’t protected with spell barriers and there are no spare talismans around.

In the end, the team effort saves the day and in the, end it’s the friends that you rely on. I was totally Kkyyaa-ing on Tanuma and Natsume’s friendship but it doesn’t mean Shibata’s friendship doesn’t matter to me, it’s just that I don’t think he’ll return to the story, on the other hand, Tanuma is going to be there. I want him to. It’s my DEMAND!

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