Muqabil: Episodes 13-14 Closeness


This episode had some solid dialogues and sweet moments but to reach them was difficult.

The only person who knows about Mahmood’s sin, the pious old man, tells him that instead of asking for forgiveness from Allah, he should ask for forgiveness from the victim and Mahmood begs her to forgive him and give him any kind of punishment but not to torture his son for what he’s done.

The psychiatrist tells Armaan to help Parisa get out of her current mental state instead of trying to find the man and Parisa, on the other hand, tells him that she can never lead a normal life, so he should leave her and find someone else.

Armaan’s not having that. He says he’s gotten used to her, her behavior, attitude, the way she treats him. Cut it, in short, he’s fallen in love with her. He gives her space like she wanted and makes his bed on the floor which doesn’t go unnoticed by his mother and she believes that the couple hasn’t shared the bed yet. Mahmood thinks differently, that they are trying to understand each other first.

One argument leads to another because of Zubeida who thinks Armaan isn’t happy in the marriage and Armaan who has promised Parisa that he’ll face everything on her behalf decides to leave the house with her. Which creates another issue and everyone thinks its Parisa’s idea. She gets criticized by Zubeida and Symbul. Mahmood is the only one happy. This was a very typical scene, I have also seen in reality where a daughter-in-law is blamed for snatching her husband from his family.

Shehnaz and Aftab kinda gloat that they knew Parisa won’t be able to adjust in a poor place. They happily find a house and a job but Armaan refuses the job, he’s happy with giving tuition.

I first thought Armaan’s and Parisa’s relationship is crumbling but she tells him that she believes in him and in his love for her. *let me calm down….I can’t stop squealing* and the next morning is super sweet too. *my squealing is about to start again* May you live a happy life. Amen

but first we have two loafers, good for nothing guys trying to hit on Parisa and Armaan happens to pass by and saves her but they find them again on the beach when Armaan was being so ROMANTIC to his wife. Loved the sunset and the beach but there were too many people and how the hell did those two rascals find them?

Parisa will fall in love with Armaan. I want her to because he’s so CUTE. I hate the timing of those two biatch. My ROMANCE!


5 comments on “Muqabil: Episodes 13-14 Closeness

  1. Jo says:

    OMG, WHEN HE SAID I LOVE YOU I FELL OFF MY BED KYAAA and those annoying guys *why at that moment* but they needed to come so they could be closer. Oh, was it just me or did he want to run them over with his motorcycle when he first saw them haha

    SPOILER(kind of) I’m glad you wrote this so I can remember how sweet Armaan is because he was being SOOOO rude in ep 21 and I wanted to throw my pillow at him. It was sad watching her basically plead for him and yes, I know he’s sad and doesn’t know what to do and he’s scared and he’s a victim too but REALLY, he needs to stop.

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    • Miss Khan says:

      they are really so cute together. who would have thought that without “touching” the romance can be shown so beautifully.
      oh yes, he wanted to kill those guys with his bike.

      why? why is it happening? what happened wasn’t Parisa’s fault so why is he being like this? wait till i get to the newest episode then i will curse him myself. don’t do this Armman, come back to as you were, the caring husband.

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